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Perhaps I was too hasty in my wild praise of Thornbridge Halcyon. Itís not that it doesnít deserve it Ė of course it does, itís bloody fantastic Ė itís just that maybe Iíve found something even better.

It was Friday. It had been a very long bitch of a week. I was hot and thirsty and tired. I slumped in from work, dragged myself to the fridge and pulled out a restorative beer: Marble Breweryís Manchester Bitter. Iíve had it on cask in The Bull and loved it but was a little worried about how it would transfer over into a bottle... I neednít have. Itís 4.2% of brilliant. Itís a stunning gold colour. It smells like youíve been locked in a room full of sacks of deliciously fresh hops - passion fruit, tropical fruit and citrus Ė the kind of aroma you want to be able to inhale so deeply that it fills every last space of your lungs. Itís easy drinking, itís completely delicious, itís got these incredible hops that just keep on teasing and playing and nibbling away, so fruity, astoundingly fresh, vibrant, AWESOME. It puts almost every other bottled British beer Iíve had this year to absolute shame. Breweries: if you want to taste what a 4.2% hoppy bottle-conditioned British bitter can taste like then try Manchester Bitter. Please.

In fact, itís so good, I put my money where my mouth is and just bought a whole case of it from myBrewerytap Ė itís the perfect summer beer and I canít imagine anything better when sitting in the sun than a chilled bottle of this.

myBrewerytap are also selling four other Marble bottles Ė Lagonda IPA, Tawny No.3, Ginger and Chocolate Marble. Beermerchants sell the special, limited edition Marbles, which are also fantastic (Special, the American-style barley wine is my favourite).