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Thread: One for the Londoners

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    Default One for the Londoners

    A curiosity I noticed on Twitter, Bethnal Green to Walthamstow in two parts.

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    Thanks Old Boots, NE London certainly is beginning to hum with small breweries..
    Paid a few visits to the Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow and well done to the blogger for giving a nod to the Gods own Junkyard, a very unusual but worth doing as a double with the brewery bar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    A curiosity I noticed on Twitter, Bethnal Green to Walthamstow in two parts.
    I suspect this was done on a Saturday as Wild Card doesn't open until 17:00 on a Friday. Not sure about the others as I totally lost interest when I saw some of the prices charged,
    Beavertown at Tottenham Hale have a place you can visit but I'm fairly sure it's only open on Saturday. I haven't visited it. Redemption in Tottenham now have a Taproom but I'm not up to speed with it. Also in the Wild Card / Pillars estate is Mother's Ruin that does flavoured gins. I don't like gin but thoroughly enjoyed their Damson Gin a few weeks ago.

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