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Thread: One for the Londoners

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    Default One for the Londoners

    A curiosity I noticed on Twitter, Bethnal Green to Walthamstow in two parts.
    There are many diseases,
    that strike people's kneeses,
    Covid19! is one by name
    It comes from the East
    Packed in bladders of yeast
    So the Chinese must take half the blame.

    Apologies to Spike Milligan

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    Thanks Old Boots, NE London certainly is beginning to hum with small breweries..
    Paid a few visits to the Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow and well done to the blogger for giving a nod to the Gods own Junkyard, a very unusual but worth doing as a double with the brewery bar.
    Work is the curse of the drinking Class - Oscar Wilde

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    A curiosity I noticed on Twitter, Bethnal Green to Walthamstow in two parts.
    I suspect this was done on a Saturday as Wild Card doesn't open until 17:00 on a Friday. Not sure about the others as I totally lost interest when I saw some of the prices charged,
    Beavertown at Tottenham Hale have a place you can visit but I'm fairly sure it's only open on Saturday. I haven't visited it. Redemption in Tottenham now have a Taproom but I'm not up to speed with it. Also in the Wild Card / Pillars estate is Mother's Ruin that does flavoured gins. I don't like gin but thoroughly enjoyed their Damson Gin a few weeks ago.

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