Bits of Oxford between gigs and a WC1 wrap-up:

Hook Norton Hooky (bottle) (3.5%)
Ruddles Best (3.7%)
Castle Rock Harvest Pale (3.8%)
Darkstar Hophead (3.8%)
Sambrooks Wandle (3.8%)
Twickenham Grandstand (3.8%)
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay (3.9%)
Truman's Swift (3.9%)
Milk St Funky Monkey (4.0%) *
Gun Parabellum Milk Stout (4.1%) *
Theakston Lightfoot (4.1%)
Twickenham Redhead (4.1%)
Twickenham Strange Brew (4.1%)
Canopy Sunray Pale Ale * (4.2%)
Cottage Honey Bunny (4.2%)
Greene King Oompah (4.2%)
Truman's Firestarter (4.2%)
Truman's Lazarus (4.2%)
XT3 IPA (keg) (4.2%)
Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA (keg) (4.3%)
Signature Brew Roadie (4.3%)
Truman's Zephyr (4.4%)
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout (keg) (4.5%)
Redemption Hopspur (4.5%)
Sam Smith's Extra Stout (keg) (4.5%)
Shepherd Neame Late Red (4.5%)
Wimbledon Tower SPA (4.5%)
Hydes Provenance Alsace (4.6%)
Portobello Pilsner (keg) (4.6%)
Redemption Urban Dusk (4.6%)
Dorset Chockwork Orange (4.7%)
Sharp's Wolf Rock (keg) (4.8%)
Hall & Woodhouse Tanglefoot (4.9%)
Sam Smith's India Ale (keg) (5.0%)
Shepherd Neame East India Pale Ale (5.0%) *
Beavertown Holy Cowbell India Stout (can) (5.6%)
Robinson's Trooper Red N' Black (5.8%)
Thornbridge Otto (keg) (8.0%)

A lot of merely 'OK' stuff, with standouts countable on the fingers of one hand. I'm sure I've given the gong to Milk St in a previous week sometime this year, so the accolade goes to Gun's moreish Parabellum Milk Stout which I chanced upon at WC1's Holborn Whippet. It's unfined too, so I'm sure it'll tick some boxes for someone...

BOTW Gun Parabellum Milk Stout