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Thread: Closing of Flanagan's

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    Default Closing of Flanagan's

    Hello all,

    Even though Wandsworth Council have posted signs on local lamp posts saying that pubs in their area will not be knocked down for redevelopment, I have found out today that it only applies to any pubs that are Victorian/ The Flanagan's pub is facing closure and demolition as it does not fit the set criteria.
    If you are in the area, please sign their petition, they need 100 signatures, so they can present it before the council.
    Philip Carter (Arthurish)

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    What Wandsworth have done is issue Article 4 Directions for 120 of their pubs, but, as you say, Flanagan's is not one of them. But the Pavilion, which is just down the road from Flanagan's, and is also included in the developer's demolition plans, does have an A4D. What the A4Ds do is remove permitted development rights, which means that planning permission has to be obtained before anything can be done to the pub. But it's no help with this major development (147 residential units plus retail, office, and a pub/bar) which obviously needs planning permission anyway.

    I'm not sure what they are going to achieve with a 100 signature petition, but it certainly can't hurt. Better if all the people who sign the petition also objected to the extant planning application (2016/5422). It's a numbers game - if 100 people all separately object to the planning application it will undoubtedly carry more weight than a 100 signature petition. I'm going to try and get to Flanagan's tomorrow afternoon, and perhaps find out how far their campaign has progressed.

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