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The title may be a slight misnoma. This is certainly the beer of the day, and the week, may be the month and is high on the list of beers of year. I would suggest you call at The Star and try it, except my co editor ran it off !!

Howling Hops are a London brewery, having started brewing at the Cock Tavern in Hackney in 2011 before outgrowing their plant and resiting to a nearby warehouse four years later. Their beers are usually available outside their home area in bottles but the occasional cask or keg does escape north.

Pale Ale no1 is 3.8% and heavily hopped with citra, mosaic and simcoe. The aroma is superb and the taste even better. The hops are superbly balanced and the taste is hoppy, rather than overly bitter. It is beer that cries out for a second pint..or third..or.....If you see it get it while you can, it will not be there for long