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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 7th August 2016)

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    London Beer Lab Mosaic & Equinox Pale Ale. 5.5% hopbomb, but doesn't drink like it.

    A dangerously moorish beer. Several tried in The Baum.
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    We were at a beer tasting session in Brew York in York and had so many brilliant beers brought over by a friend from Texas as well as excellent beers from Brew York itself.

    Beer of the week has to go to Saint Arnold Brewing Company Pumpkinator (2015) but the best Brew York beer was the sample they had of Magni. Great session I can tell you.
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    A small selection from a day out in Wolverhampton after which I was struck down with a bad attack of cellulitis in my left leg :-

    Enville Ginger Ale 4.5%
    Slater's Smoked Porter 4.8%
    Kent Brewer's Reserve 5.0%*
    Bingham Space Hoppy 5.0%*
    Fixed Wheel Stout 5.0%*
    Holden's Special 5.1%
    Newark Five Point Five 5.5%
    Derventio Lucretius Cherry Stout 5.5%*

    The easy winner is the Derventio Lucretius Cherry Stout (£3.10) as tried in the superb BCA Vine in Wendesfield and possibly my favourite so far of their estate.
    It's a strong dry Stout where the cheery flavour is also dry and not overpowering. A better beer than the Titanic Plum Porter as I could easily envisage doing the three pint test with thi whereas the Titanic one much as I like it couldn't envisage passing the three pint test.

    BOTW Derventio Lucretius Cherry Stout

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