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Thread: The One Show pub special

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    Default The One Show pub special

    The One Show had an hour long special about pubs this evening, well apart from the bit about puffins. Not hugely in depth and there's a bit of luvvieism and light weight interviewing of the PubCo regulator but good to see them taking as much interest as they did.

    iPlayer link:
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    Will add to iplayer list as I'm watching the Hairy Bikers series on catch up after forgetting about it and being away on holiday/4 day pub crawl the other week.

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    I quite enjoyed that, well worth watching. It's a shame nobody on here has reviewed The Frog & Frigate, that looked an interesting pub!

    I found it much better than the Hairy Biker's efforts, I couldn't stand their inane chattering and soon switched off.

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