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At 4pm on Thursday, the doors opened on the beer festival at the Swan at Crimble. It runs until Sunday, or until the beer runs out, and it well worth the trip up the Colne Valley.

Jonny has provided 20 beers on the bar(s) with 8 spares to fill in when some run off and 3 ciders to tempt us to to the pub. There are beers from Golcar, Mallinsons, Elland and Eastwood in the local area, from Naylors, Sheffield, Brown Cow, and Brew Co in the wider Yorkshire area, and with Greenfield and Phoenix coming from over the Pennines there is something for everyone, that is not to mention offerings from Glamorgan, Stourbridge and Lincolnshire for those wanting beers from further away. Jonny has also a couple of locally brewed Empire beers on the list. Like I said, beers for every taste.

In my brief visit I managed some of the light, hoppy beers,(that's a surprise I hear you say) and found the Brown Cow 'Completely Cuckoo' to be very tasty,(according to the comprehensive tasting notes, pale ale, with lager malt, with American Hops), and for those wanting something a bit stronger, well a lot stronger really, the Elland 'Chevvy Esb' was spot on. The Mallinsons, as always was excellent, and one of my favourite dark beers, Greenfield 'Black Five' featured.

But I have said there are beers for all tastes, with blueberry, caramel, and maize flavours all included on the beer on the bar.

The pub is well served by a fairly frequent bus route from Huddersfield, the 181 and a decent railway link a short walk away so there is no excuse not to visit, and with the beer on the bar at an inflation busting 2.20 a pint, it makes a trip out well worth it.