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Still on subject, someone seems to have been having a purge by removing previous images & reviews from the past

This comes back to previous history of the pub, and how it changes over time

I refer to The Maids Head

Was the Mayden's head as some of the 2012 images show

However I know I went in here and submitted review, and images, which did once appear, alongside other posters, quirky landlord, good beer etc. Now just one review left

Any one know what is going on? Is there a new / old edict to remove older images and reviews come name change or what happened?
I'm pretty certain that there were no previous reviews on the site when I reviewed what was then still called Ye Olde Maydens Heade back in 2013, which was why I made a point of going in.

I have four photographs that I took on that visit, but I reckon it more likely that I neglected to upload them rather than they having been deleted by somebody else (but I think that Dave is the only person who could do this, and I can't imagine he would have had a reason for doing so).