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Thread: Former owners of Old Market Inn in Holsworthy

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    Default Former owners of Old Market Inn in Holsworthy

    Hi everyone. I am looking for the former owners of the [ye] Old[e] Market Inn on Chapel Street in Holsworthy, Devon. Their names are Peter and Diane Oliver and they have two daughters, Claire and Michelle. The last I heard from them, Diane and Pete and one of the daughters (forget which one) and their dog Duncan were going to drive a small motorhome to their retirement villa in Spain back in January of 2007.

    I would talk to Pete, and especially Diane, every weekday for at least an hour on Instant Messenger for four years. But I have not heard a word from either Pete or Diane, not even a quick "hello from Spain." I am REALLY worried about whether they made it there alive or not, since it is extremely unusual for them to not have written me by now, some ten months later.

    Does anybody has any information about how to contact the Olivers in Spain, either by e-mail or postal mail? Diane used to have an account with AOL, and messages I have sent to that account have NOT been bounced back, meaning that the account is still open. I guess there is a certain area of Spain where a lot of British folks go to retire, and that is where they went. I miss my friends dearly, and would like to at least know they are still alive. One of their daughters, either Claire or Michelle, did not go to Spain with the family, but rather decided to stay in England and live with her boyfriend in a flat right near the Inn. So if you don't know the whereabouts of the rest of the family in Spain, maybe somebody knows the daughter that stayed behind and can contact her for the e-mail or postal address?

    I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me. My name is Brian Anastasi, and I live in the eastern part of the United States (in Massachusetts). My e-mail is Thank you.

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