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    Default Drop Box

    My son saved my pub lists which have hyperlinked photos and all of my photo files onto Drop Box an internet site that saves data,because my laptop is on its last legs.

    My problem now is that i dont know how to add pictures i took on my camera to a photo file on my laptop so i can then add them to my pub lists and also add the photos to Pubs Galore,all Huddersfield and Durham photos are affected.
    Whenever i try to put them on my laptop drop box takes over and seems to only take older photos from my camera,i have also tried loading discs with my new photos on them but still no luck.

    If any members know how to get by this i would appreciate it.
    I would ask my Son be is one of those busy people who have a well paid job,so he only come home every two of three months.

    Thanks Alan
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    I'm having the same problem trying to get my Hull photos off a borrowed camera,I wan't to get them onto Google photos but it is defaulting to dropbox and has downloaded the entire camera memory and filled up all the dropbox space before getting to my photos, . If I can manage to sort it out Al I will let you know.
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