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... though there was a cock-up with accessing the tickets once purchased. I got an error message from the machine at Sheffield station, saying that "due to a technical issue, the terminal is unable to issue the tickets" and referring me to the train company's website.

When I tried to access help at Northern, I was told that any problems with printing the tickets should be referred to the TOC responsible for the station where the ticket machine was situated.

So back to Sheffield station, where I was eventually informed that the machine couldn't print the tickets because "there's no such fare as 10p". Which raises the questions, 1) why does the machine care what the fare is? (Just print the sodding tickets.), and 2) why didn't Northern know about this before instigating their Flash Sale? and not to mention 3) why is their own website so unhelpful?

So I had to go to the (human) ticket salesperson, who was doubtless delighted to have to print out all my 10p tickets, and I hope East Midlands Railway charged Northern an appropriate fee for the service.