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As I mentioned in my previous post, this week saw the opening of new pub in Brighouse, when on Wednesday, The Market Tavern opened its doors for the first time.

It is conveniently sited in the centre of the town, just off Bethel St, on the corner of Ship St (overlooking the canal), and is more of a micro pub. It is a conversion of a former shop and is the first venture into the pub business for 'Snap' and his wife. And a pretty good job they have made of it so far.

The pub is one room and is light and airy. Seating is around the outside wall but that leaves plenty of available space in the middle of the room for standing drinkers. And as it is a new conversion it smells fresh and clean.

Beer wise there are six handpulls on offer, with a selection yesterday sourced from Salopian, Abbeydale, Great Heck, and Small World - covering most styles and reasonable priced. The couple I tried were both in good condition and well presented. There is Warsteiner lager and Kingstone Press cider on draught as well, and a couple of still ciders as well.

'Snap' promises a fine selection of breweries to come, in fact three beers had already been changed in the 24 hours since opening which must be a testament to the popularity of the pub. One of these was from Vocation and was so well received that a repeat order has already been made.

So, if you are around in Brighouse, call down and take a few minutes out from the rat race, you will not be disappointed.