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This week is all about new pubs. *The first is based in the edge of Huddersfield just off the Bradford Road into Brighouse, *Magic Rock Brewery Tap is located behind their new brewing plant which came into being about a year ago. *The entrance is not obvious involving a walk round the back of the building to a relatively anonymous door in the far corner with a small sign above. *Once inside the room stretches about 30 metres into distance, the left side of the bar dominated by tall tables and stools with barrels at *the far end for standing drinkers. *To the right there is fairly bare bar, only the three real ale pumps present with the keg lines being dispensed from the wall at the far end of the bar. ***Cider and wine are also on offer alongside a range of canned and bottled soft drinks, *It is obvious this place is all about the beer.
I visited with my wife, children and parents, all of which have different tastes in drinks and what they want from a drinking establishment. **The fact that every member of my party enjoyed their visit and want to return shows that they seem to have got things right. *A good range of 9 kegs lines and 3 pumps services most people’s beer needs. *Prices range from 2.50 for a pint of cask Ringmaster, a typical keg session ale coming in around the 3,80 to 4.00 mark, the stronger ales ranging from 5.00 to 6.00 per pint. **A sensible choice of prices giving something for every budget from someone who wants a relatively cheap afternoon on beer to those who want to try strong craft beers and doesn’t mind paying.
Customer service was good, although the girl who served my first beer didn’t give exactly the best first impression, but further transactions with the two male bartenders redeemed this. *The problem was the tone of voice when stating “It’s more about the beer” when enquiring about what non beer drinks were available (my wife mainly drinks rum and coke now, but was happy with the wine on offer on this visit), **The venue is large and relaxed, geared up for families, of which there were plenty here. *I tried 4 different beers and enjoyed them all. *My dad tried 3 beers and also enjoyed them all and I’ve made sure he had tried all the best pubs on my parents visits, so this is good sign they are getting the beer right. ***A return visit will be made in the future and I’d recommend you pop over if you have a spare afternoon.
Moving more locally, I’ve got to mention the Market Street Tavern in Brighouse (which is where I am writing this part of the article), which opened last Wednesday opposite Blakeleys Fish Shop at the market end of the main car park, **Unlike other Brighouse pubs who serve a diet of karaoke, disco and drag queens alongside cheap generic lager and cider, this small pub is friendly, cosy, sells a range of 6 good real ales accompanied by a good lager and cider along with quality bottled beers. **I popped in on opening day for a pint, followed up by a longer stay on the Thursday. **The bar is split into a tradtional bar area with a more lounge-ish area to *the rear. *The beer garden sits to the rear of the property overlooking the market stall. **Over the two days I tried Vocation Chop and Change, Small World Long Moor Pale and a new one for me, Abbeydale Chocolate Orange, all of which were in great condition and only encourages me to return regularly with a good rotation of beer even within 24 hours on their 6 pumps. *
Snap and Debbie have done a great job with this bar and it has already taken over as my town centre pub of choice with a great mix of local and regional beers, it’s well up there with other pubs in the area real ale wise. *Even without the ale, the Warsteiner and Kingston Press on tap would get my money. *a nice crowd seems to be building up there with a lot of familiar faces from the local and area pub scene making an appearence. **By keeping it simple, they’they’ve done the right thing, good beer will keep good customers as will great customer service, which I witness as I sit here writing. **I advise you to pop down as soon as possible and support this new business who deserve the best for giving Brighouse town centre a proper real ale pub once again.