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Thread: Missing Huddersfield Pubs

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    Default Missing Huddersfield Pubs

    I am going to Huddersfield this Saturday for the second time,the last time i did it was with Nottingham Camra way back on 11 February 1989.
    I have tracked most pubs down that i did that night,but am missing four pubs all in the middle of town.

    Jug & Bottle new street Samuel Smiths tied house
    White Lion Tetley
    Kirkgate Inn Bass
    Royal Swan Bass

    I only want to know if i do a bar that was originally one of these pubs.

    On another note,while looking at the Huddersfield list there seems to be Parishes with the same post code,or are they different pubs.

    Any help would be appreciated as i want to take photos of all pubs i did on my first crawl if i can find them.

    Cheers Alan
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    The only Sam's pub in Huddersfield is the Commercial in New St, that might be a renaming of the Jug and Bottle. There was a White Lion Hotel at 28 Cross Church St that is now Revolution. I can't find the Kirkgate Inn but WhatPub says it's now Wildcats at 48 Kirkgate, it's a sex club for members only. The Royal Swan is listed as closed on here and WhatPub (7 Westgate).

    It looks like The Parish and Parish is a duplication, same pub twice so Dave needs to merge them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    it's a sex club for members only.
    fnarr fnarr!

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