Pretty good week for me, boosted considerably by a wander round Leeds, on Saturday, with 'trainman'.

Captain Cook - Grenville Stout.*
Leamside - Nicholsons.*
Tynebank - Silver Dollar.
Brunswick - Railway Porter.
Trinity - Rugby League.
Trinity - Dark Daze.
Rat - Plague Pole.
Fernandes - Great Northern.
Ossett - South Pacific IPA.*
Burley Street - Laguna Seca.
Sonnet 43 - APA.
Rudgate - Snow Wonder.
Belhaven - Smoke Stack Stout.
Castle Rock - Midnight Owl.
Anarchy Brew - Quiet Riot.*
Sunbeam - Chocolate Mild.*
Riverhead - Gingerbread Mild.
Ridgeside - Black Night.*
Wylam - Jakeside IPA.*
Cross Bay - Sunset.
Roosters - Fort Smith.*
Harvistoun - Old Engine Oil.*
Bristol Beer Factory - Independence.
Kirkstall - Three Swords.*

Quitea few beers in there that would have won on a quiet week. However, I was blown away by the Ossett, which is not something I write about their beers very often. Wonderfully aromatic and citrussy, it really perked up a jaded January palate. Passed the three pint test with ease.