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    Hi Al

    Are you definitely following all these areas, as if you don't follow them you don't get any updates, I suspect you obviously are hence the concern.

    However I've also noted what I would consider a drastic reduction in email alerts since I had to change from Hotmail to Gmail. I follow all the way round the clock from up to 12 o'clock at Gloucester from Bristol round the rest of the hours including Cirencester, Hungerford, Pewsey, Devizes, Warminster, Frome, Glastonbury, Bridgewater and Weston and everything in the middle. Especially given there are a few contributors on the forum that are active on the pub site too.

    Maybe something to ask Dave to look into as I've said I sense less emails being received unless there is just no new pictures, reviews etc happening in the areas I follow. Not even a 84mph flyby picture from Peter Ashworth of a hedge.... Are the area changes continuing to happen if you revisit the areas and check?
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