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This weekend sees the arrival of May and with it Camra's Mild month. A chance to try out all those milds that you may have avoided all year. Where would be the best place to start ? Why not visit the Rat & Ratchet where Sam, the licencee, promises something for everyone at his mild festival.

The festival is on Saturday and Sunday and all the 20 milds on offer will be served through pumps on the main bar. I spoke to Sam yesterday and although being coy about the actual make up of the festival list did tell me that there are some festival specials, so expect offerings from Mallinsons and Fernandes plus some hard to find milds that have travelled from afar.

There will be a few light milds as well as the usual darker fayre and a range of strengths from the weak to the strong, but, as he said, it has not been possible to source any around the 4% range, as they do not appear to be brewed at this strength, apart from the champion beer of Britain, Rudgate's ' Ruby Mild'.

So if mild is your thing, or you have an afternoon to spare, call in and see what the Rat has to offer.