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Do you have a question about a particular pub, brewery or beer that you’d like answering? We’d like to help, if we can.

We’ve acquired a ton of mouldering old books, newspapers and magazines over the*last few years, as well as developing ninja-level skills at online archive searching.
And we love a puzzle, like this one that caught our eye on Twitter last night:
For the Beer Quotes Investigation Department: one a version of the other, or both bullshit? @QuoteResearch
— The Beer Nut (@thebeernut) December 15, 2015
(The same quotespam website also attributes it to William Faulkner but we found a version of the same statement relating to wine in a book from 1821.)
As it is we occasionally get questions out of the blue which we always enjoy trying to answer and, a while ago, asked for submissions*through our email newsletter, which led to this post about pub snacks.
Now, we’d like to try making this a regular feature, so if you have a question email and we’ll do our best.
NB.*If your question is ‘What does AK stand for?‘ then, sorry, but we can’t help…
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