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Thread: Central London Pubs

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    Default Central London Pubs

    Hello. I wonder if any of you good people could help me. After many years of domestic duties that have curtailed my travels, my Christmas present will be a day to myself in London. In addition to maybe a lower league football match and art house cinema, I would like to visit some of the more iconic and worthy London pubs, such as the Mitre. I will be coming in and out of Victoria and using a travel card. If midweek I would like to avoid crowds of suits, and if weekend avoid rowdy clubbers. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    So when you say 'iconic' and 'worthy' you mean 'aged' and 'historic interior'? As you haven't mentioned what sort of tipple you're after

    Just so we don't get the usual "my favourite 5 ale pubs in London" listed! "Iconic" is a different kettle of fish...

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