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Being a lazy, lazy git, I'm returning to sort of beer-reviewing. Sort of, because, let's face it, my descriptions are pretty crap.

Sell yourself in the first paragraph, that's what they say. That should have ensured I've got this post to myself. Other people are grossly over-rated. Nice to be able to relax in my undercrackers.

Brand IPA
What's happening to the world? A Heineken Lager brewery making an IPA? I guess it will be an Imperial Stout next. Be interesting to know a couple of things. Is it top-fermented? Is it brewed in the Brand brewery? The aroma is oddly savoury and quite subdued. In the mouth it's like bitter marmalade. Very bitter marmalade. I wonder what the hops are? They don't taste particularly New World. A nice enough beer, though I wonder who its target market is.

St. Christoffel Blond
Brewed at the Proefbrouwerij according to RateBeer. Good spicy hop aroma. Grassy in the mouth and pleasantly bitter at the end. A decent drinking Lager. Pretty label, too.

Hertog Jan Weizener
Another attempt by one of the Big Boys (the Biggest Boy, in fact) to brew a non-native style. RateBeer calls it a Witbier, even though it appears to be in the German style. At least from the name. I spotted a vague whiff of cloves. Either it's not particularly strong or I'm coming down with a cold. I did just sneeze, so it could well be the latter. The label says it contains orange peel and coriander. So a Witbier, I guess. I wonder where it's brewed? Really in Arcen?

Off to peel off the labels now.