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Thread: Marie Lloyd Bar, Hackney

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    Default Marie Lloyd Bar, Hackney

    Please could you add this one?

    Marie Lloyd Bar, 289 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 1EJ

    NB - I still can't make the 'Add Pub' system work, even after the recent site revamp...

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    Hi rpadam,

    We had a pub called Samuel Pepys at that address and marked as closed. So we have marked it as open and changed the name to Marie Lloyd Bar.

    The Recent revamp should have had no real impact on adding pubs, the changes barely touch that element other than to make it even further out of date. I hope to revisit that one later in the year, it ties in closely with the concept of allowing us to show old names for pubs and also possibly with adding foreign pubs.

    Thanks for that.

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