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Thread: Pubs/Bars in Barmouth (Gwynedd)

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    Default Pubs/Bars in Barmouth (Gwynedd)

    Your list is sadly years out of date:-
    Hendre now closed
    Chaplins Ditto
    Pavillion Ditto
    Cranbourne now only available to hotel guests
    Marwyn ditto
    Wave Crest ditto
    Panorama now called Bae Abermaw

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    Hi Arfa,

    Thanks a lot for letting us know about all those, I have corrected them now, marking the pubs as closed and removing the hotels.

    The seed list is quite old now and we are highly reliant on people taking an interest in an area and letting us know what it is wrong, so it is fantastic when people do take that time.

    Thanks for your help there,


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