Much better week, this week, with several old favourites taking the spoils.

Bingley - Goldy Locks.
Brass Castle - Loco.
Roosters - Baby Faced Assassin.*
Elland - 1872.*
Loch Lomond - Silkie Stout.
Tyne Bank - Single Blonde.
Windsor & Eton - Conqueror.*
Redemption - Rising Sun.
Burton Bridge - Damson Porter.
Mallinsons - Centennial.
Fernandes - Chinook.
Fernandes - Bramling Stoker.
Fernandes - Irish Stout.
Fernandes - Westgate Wobbler.*

The starred entries were all pretty good, the 1872 and BFA being particularly impressive. However, the last couple of times I've tried BFA it's been a little underwhelming, so it was a joy to taste it when it was as fresh as a daisy, with all those wonderful marmalade flavours coming through.