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The Three Guineas whacked prices up to London levels after the refurb a couple of years back - the Fullers beers are still just about tolerable but anything that isn't has a 20%+ premium. Prior to that, the Allied was, for many years, the most expensive cask pub in town. 'Reassuringly expensive' (was the Vanilla Stout poor quality in the sub-Good Beer Guide quality sense?)

The Nags prices have gone up by 10-20p - which was likely to have happened pandemic or no pandemic, I imagine.

If Humph wasn't such a moron he'd get the Lower Ship open in town and make a killing; Spoons have a monopoly on the cheap end of the market in RG1.
Yeah the vanilla stout tasted like it had sat in the pipes for a few days.Dont think it was a brewery fault.