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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    Paulaner Lager...little change at £7.25 a pint, needless to say I nursed it the entire match.
    £3.75 for a half of Neck Oil at The Garratt Tavern the other night; and it's a crap pub.

    £3.80 for a half of Gamma Ray at Green Man a few days ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by NickDavies View Post
    £8.40 for two bottles of alcohol free Sam's Brown Ale in the Princess Louise the other day. And they say Sam's beer is cheap.
    The Sage of Tadcaster's beers do seem to have rocketed in price of late.
    Not a Sam's joint, but it's near as makes no difference £5.00 a pint for a guest at The Barrel Vault (JD Wetherspoon).
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