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Pangolin mentioned he can get 4 pints of Big Smoke beer for £10 result
There are two micros near me where you can still get cask beer. The Owl and Pussycat had last weekend 5 cask,7 keg beers on.Bring your own container they will sanitise.Milk containers accepted.The Dodo micropub had 3 cask and 1 keg .50p for a plastic 2 pint container.So far so good but they are both charging the same price for takeaway as they charged when they were open. OAP wants £ 17.60 for 4 pints of 4.5 beer.The Dodo wants £18.50 for the same. Taking the piss I think.
I totally agree. ELB are doing 2 cases of 12x500l bottles for £55.00 with free delivery in the East London area.
The delivery driver knows me by name now!