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1. I was there last week doing a bit of judging.

2. More people are growing beards. Mostly men.

3. It's going as brewery-crazy as everywhere. Despite a hostile environment.

4. You can survive on a cooked breakfast, beer and sausages.

5. The cask at Akkurat is more than decent. (Blind Tiger, I'm looking at you.)

6. It isn't as flat as Holland.

7. A combined beer and whisky festival doesn't necessarily incite anarchy.

8. Stockholm airport and Stockholm city aren't on the same planet. Barely in the same galaxy.

9. Dark Mild is available*.

10. If you're an unhealthily pale, blue-eyed pisshead, you'll always be addressed in Swedish.

* Sadly no trams or professional Rugby League, the other requirements of a civilised society.