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Visitors to the Wellington at Shalesmoor in Sheffield will already be aware of the Little Ale Cart brewery who brew on the pub site and their beers, usually light and hoppy are available at the pub but not usually elsewhere.

I use the word usually in its loosest sense because I do know that they have travelled outside the pub on previous occasions, often to the Welly's sister pub in Worcestershire and they have been seen on the bar at The Foxfield in Cumbria too according to one of their regulars. It would be truer to say they do not enter the free trade, and are made available by swaps with other brewers.

This is how a barrel of 'Pretty Polly' appeared on the bar at The Star on Sunday afternoon. Tara swapped a barrel of Mallinsons with Little Ale Cart and this was the result. It had been sited on the taunting pole about a week ago and the discerning regulars could hardly wait. It was worth it though.

A typical Little Ale Cart beer, weighing in at 4.3% and very light coloured but nevertheless packed with hop flavours and very moreish. Its name came, as usual from the brewery, from a railway engine, and since this is not my specialism will leave it at that, no doubt someone (Iain) will be able to explain more about its ancestry.

Lets hope this is not a one off and we are able to get more beers from this excellent brewery into Huddersfield for us to sample, if not, this one was well worth the wait.