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Thread: Watermarks

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    Default Watermarks

    When i now add new pictures to the site i am no longer able to change the watermark before it is approved.

    Is this a slight glitch.

    I get round this by going through all pubs i have took pictures of and then changing the watermark to the best place,but this is a pain compared to the old way.
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    I think it has changed, but I find if you click on the blue 'Picture Added' (or whatever - the one that tells you there are n pictures awaitign approval) button it takes you to a screen where you can switch the watermark.

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    ^^^^This, when using the bulk uploader you need to go to pub pictures to switch watermarks, either by clicking pictures awaiting approval top right or clicking view all pictures and clicking on those awaiting approval at the bottom. The uploader is better as it allows pictures to be uploaded but the watermark issue is a little niggle. I rate the new way of adding from the pub front screen as it allows multiple picture uploads to commence if using phone where you can't drag pictures like you can on a computer, not sure if old way allowed this but since trying new way it works this way.

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