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I read in Jeff Bell's blog that Kernel are ceasing to be part of the Bermonsey Beer Mile, as they cannot cope with the hordes that descend on them, though they are continuing to sell their bottles directly from the brewery. Not surprising as the whole Bermonsey Beer Mile thing has got out of hand. When we used to go - and it is convenient for us so we went quite often at the beginning - but latterly we missed out Kernel as it was always packed and anyway, their expensive murky bottles and draft don't hugely appeal to me, or indeed, E. Nor it seems to some of Jeff's commenters, one of whom describes their customers as "imbeciles".

Nowadays we stick to Southwark Brewing at one end and Fourpure at the other. It makes more sense just to enjoy the walk between the two and neither rip you off on price, or sell you beer that looks like electric soup.

Kernel are seeking another solution for on sales. Not surprising really as it must be quite lucrative for them and hard cash is always difficult to replace. Ironically this comes as the Piccadilly Beer Mile in Manchester officially becomes a thing.