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Has it really been just a year since The Sportsman reopened? So quickly has this re-invented pub become established as one of Huddersfield's finest real ale houses that it almost seems like it's been with us forever.

It's popularity and success haven't come without hard work though and Sam Smith and her team must be congratulated for keeping the pub very much at the forefront of the local ale scene. Imaginative and often innovative ideas, using popular social networking sites to spread the word, have ensured The Sportsman is rarely out of the news, seizing any and every opportunity to promote itself - a necessary and admirable quality in these depressed times.

Naturally then, the first anniversary of this remarkable revival won't be allowed to pass by without some little celebration. Starting at noon on Friday 23rd April there will be a weekend festival with outside bar, including five beers specially brewed for the occasion! Loads more beers will be on inside plus of course the sort of food fayre for which the pub is now famous.

Friday & Saturday night's festivities will feature live music and we understand there will be a sale of some local brewery stuff during the three day festival. If it all sounds too good to miss then it probably is, so come along and thank Sam for giving us another good reason to be proud of our town's great pubs and the incredible choice they offer.