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Thread: Pub Of The Month - June 2015

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    Default Pub Of The Month - June 2015

    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    My pick this month goes to The Brewhouse And Kitchen, not a traditional pub but a modern bar with a brew kit at work in the back, only serving their own beers which pleasingly all turned out to be excellent.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    I've been to a whole load of pubs in June but I'm finding it hard to come up with an outstanding one with the obvious exception of the Great Western in Wolverhampton which would be a repeat. Many of them have been very good including the odd Spoons.
    I've been vaguely trying to catch up on the newer pubs in the Harvey estate and have to admit they really do know what a good pub is. There is no comparison between their estate and McMullen or Young either of whose pubs I feel very reluctant to visit.
    I'm going for their original estate for the POTM and it's the Alma in Uckfield. Although it's no longer got two bars it is a classic town boozer. I may have given another pub a higer score than 8 but for me this old favourite is my POTM.

    POTM The Alma Uckfield

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    A bit of competition this month and The Duke William in Stourbridge deserves a mention as being well beyond any expectations.

    POTM was The Craven Arms in Birmingham. My first visit and it didn't disappoint.

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    Four really good ones for June:

    The Kings Arms lovely cosy pub in a beautiful setting
    Blind Jack's Fantastic

    Hard to decide between these two:
    Big 6 Inn

    The Three Pigeons

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    Duke William

    A very positive surprise,and an ale house which can stand toe to toe with a lot of West Midlands drinking institutions. I could easily have nominated any of The Craven Arms,BCA,Bull and Bladder,Olde Swan,Waterfall,Royal Exchange and Great Western from the pubs visited in June but I've nominated those in the past and so went for a new visit which was top quality.
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