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Thread: Wakefield missing pubs....

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    Quote Originally Posted by frank50001 View Post
    I have recently being going through my records of pubs visited in the past in Wakefield West Yorkshire, and I came across three pubs that I can not seem to find any location for, they are the, Jailhouse, C.J's Cafe Bar & Zynk. If anyone out there knows were or what they are now it would be much appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    Ale & Hearty is the resident expert on Wakefield, although these places sound like yer typical transientory "yoof bar" establishments that rise from nowhere and return to nowhere with alarming speed.
    Quote Originally Posted by frank50001 View Post
    ZYNK was about 2002,,,,,,CJ'S Was about 1996, Not too sure about Jailhouse Probably about 2000. Hope this helps..
    'frank' I have lived in Wakefield most of my life, but have no definite recollection of these places at all. The only one which sounded vaguely familiar was 'Zynk', which may or may not still be a going concern on Northgate, as others have highlighted. As 'oldboots' states these are the sort of venues that have a name change every few months and lets face it there are dozens of them in Wakefield. Even ten years ago I was a BOF, twenty years too old to go in them, even if I wanted to! As an unapologetic traditional pub hound, I didn't.

    When Yates' on Little Westgate folded it had a brief spell as PJ's Cafe Bar and I wondered if you'd got the name slightly wrong. However, the timescale turned out to be wrong anyway. For some reason I have a hunch that The Jailhouse was on Market Street, just off Westgate. If I'm correct it was in the large building about 150 yards down from what is currently the Reflex bar. Howver, there's a good chance I'm wrong.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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    Hello aleandhearty, You are certainly right about name changes in Wakefield, nearly half of the pubs i visited are now renamed, I visited the Jailhouse in 1995 if that helps any. I seem to remember a cafe bar opposite Wakefield Westgate station, which is now a hairdressers, not sure if this was C.J's. I noted that C.J's served real ale which was unusual for a Cafe style bar. The one thing i Know about Zynk is that it was somewhere between the bus station & Westgate train station. Thanks....Frank..

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