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The Sportsman, 1 St John's Road, HD1 5AY. Picture: BFH
The intrepid Bloke from Hull has been in touch about The Sportsman's Bizarre Beer Festival in Huddersfieldfrom June 5 to 7.
Once again, he has ferreted out an early beer list for your perusal:
Entry to the festival on St John's Road is free. Here's all the gen:

Please note this is our PROVISIONAL menu and some details, including prices, may be subject to change.
Festival Bar - Cask
1. Ticketybrew Table IPA. Emphasis on hop character to bring out life and flavour in this low strength beer. Aromas of rich apricots and a touch of fizzy sherbet. Really happy about the amount of hop character without the bitterness. 2.8%. £2.50/£1.25/£0.85.
2. Black Jack Bouillotte. Cask conditioned Alt Biere, clean and subtle Continental hops with an American twist at the end. 4%. £2.80/£1.40/£0.95.
3. Ilkley American Smooth. This little-brewed style of beer, favoured in the US, it is similar to a lager, but brewed with ale yeast. Soft and smooth, this pale ale combines subtlety of flavour with depth and drinkability. 4.3%. £2.90/£1.45/£1.00
4. Grain Blonde Ash. Based on the Belgian witbier style, this cloudy wheat beer has flavours of bubblegum, orange and coriander, and pours with a gorgeous frothy white head. 4%. £2.80/£1.40/£0.95.
5. Nene Valley Big Bang Theory West Coast IPA. Wonderfully balanced with a huge hop aroma giving way to malty sweetness and a gentle bitter finish. 5.3% £3.30/£1.65/£1.10.
6. Pig and Porter Neither Nor. A pale ale malt? A lager yeast? Six weeks conditioning? Some of the big Cs in the mix? Neither a pale ale, nor a lager, a delightful hybrid that's exceedingly drinkable.
5%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.35.
7. Offbeat Wild Blackberry Mild. A not so traditional mild fermented on blackberries and with blackberries in the cask. Fruit character along with some toffee and toasted notes. 3.8% £2.60/£1.30/£0.90.
8. Caveman Morgan Stout. A dark roasty stout brewed with organic ginger and cacau nibs. 5%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.35.

Main Bar - Cask Round 1

Roosters Maypole. Seasonal pale ale brewed using Cascade hops and infused with Elderflowers, to produce a delicate floral and citrus aroma. 3.7% £2.70/£1.35/£0.90.
2. First Chop Extra Love. Extra Love Mango Pale is a uniquely crafted beer with real mangoes and Citra and Summit Hops. The result is a warming, US-style pale ale that will have you swooning.
4%. £3.20/£1.60/£1.10.
3. Ticketybrew Munchner. A British real ale brewed with German ingredients and Belgian yeast to produce a traditional malty beer with a twist. 4.3%. £2.80/£1.40/£0.95
4. Thornbridge Ruin. Botanical pale ale brewed with kafir lime leaves, orange peel, lavender, rosemary, yarrow, red rose petals and juniper berries. 5%. £3.30/£1.65/£1.10.
5. Bad Seed India Amber Ale. Huge amounts of New World hops make this Amber ale a tropical delight. Hopped with Rakau and Mosaic and then dry hopped with Riwaka balanced with a sweet red malt body for a truly unique beer. 6%. £3.60/£1.80/£1.20.
6. Siren White Tips IPA. White IPA brewed with orange, lime and grapefruit peel. Siren's expression of a wit beer combined with IPA levels of hops. 4.7%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.15
7. Otley Oxymoron. Black IPA Style bitter using German Carafa malt and 5 different hops. 5.5%. £3.30/£1.65/£1.10.

8. Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out. Smoked oat stout that has all the characteristics of a heavy night out - complex, dark, with hints of smokiness and perfume aromas. 5%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.15

Main Bar - Cask Round 2
(Please note: these beers will follow the previous beers once they have run off)
Roosters Blind Jack. An amber rye ale; the addition of Rye malt and a blend of American hops to create a quaffable beer with citrus fruit aromas and a light, spicy finish. 3.7% £2.70/£1.35/£0.90
2. Muirhouse Mango Man. Pale/golden beer with added mango to give a fruity finish. 4.2% £2.80/£1.40/£0.95.

3. Offbeat Odd Ball Red. A red ale with masses of Columbus hops giving a spicy flavour and finish with a bold fruitiness. 4.2%. £2.90/£1.45/£1.00.
4. Great Heck Amish Mash. German style cloudy wheat beer with loads of American hops. Combines the banana and clove notes of the weizen with the fruity notes of American IPAs. 4.7%. £3.00/£1.50/£1.00.
5. Pig and Porter Red Spider Rye.
A red rye ale featuring and an American clean tasting yeast to showcase the Centennial and Columbus hops. Rye malt lends a spiciness to balance the beer. 5.5%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.15
6. Celt Experience Goddess of The Spring. A rich pink, strawberry, loganberry and raspberry Farmhouse Saison. Sour mashed and aged for weeks with fresh fruit for a crisp and dry finish. 6%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.15.
7. Great Heck Apocalypse Brau.
Strong, dark ale made from a blend of Yakima IPA and Patrick Irish stout. The ultimate black and tan basically! 6.1%. £3.40/£1.70/£1.15.
8. Arbor Smokescreen. Robust smoked porter with complex flavours of smoke, chocolate and hedgerow fruits. End with a nice sweet finish. 5.5% £3.40/£1.70/£1.15.

Main Bar - Keg

Bad Seed Blackberry Sour. A two day souring process makes this a tart and refreshing beer, fermented on blackberries to give it fruity twist and a funky colour. 4.1%. £4.00/£2.00/£1.35.
2. Cloudwater Simcoe HopfenWeisse. German style wheat beer with a hoppy hit from the generous use of Simcoe hops. A modern interpretation of a classic German beer. 6%. £4.20/£2.10/£1.40.

3. Mad Hatter DunkelWeizen. A rich and dark Bavarian style wheat beer with hints of chocolate and orange. 6.3%. £4.20/£2.10/£1.40.
4. Kirkstall Framboise. Raspberry beer developed and brewed in Belgium with the guys from Kirkstall Brewery. A great raspberry hit leaves an incredible but not overpowering tartness on the palate. 3.6% £4.50/£2.25/£1.50.
5. Camden Pils. An unfiltered, hazy pilsner brewed with loads of US hops resulting in a beer with all the lightness of a lager but with a delicate aromatic quality from the hops.
4.6% £4.00/£2.00/£1.35.

Festival Bar - Keg

1. Cloudwater Farmhouse Radler. Famhouse funk meets sherbet lemons in this tart and refreshing lemon fruit beer. 4.1% £4.00/£2.00/£1.35.
2. Chorlton Eclipse Black Lager. Dark Munich style lager brewed on the solar eclipse with the yeast added at the moment of totality. Lagered for five weeks. 5%. £4.00/£2.00/£1.35.
3. Summer Wine Davy Jones’ Locker. Big Black IPA from Honley’s finest! Tonnes of hops, dark malt. 7.5% £5.00/£2.50/£1.70.
4. Anarchy Knuckle Dragger. Double IPA. Massive hop hit, not for the faint hearted. 8.3%. £5.00/£2.50/£1.70.
5. Northern Monk Rhubarb & Rosemary Blossom IPA. Rhubarb produces a very rich tart-sweetness, paired with rosemary, a sweetly perfumed or fragrant herb, you end up with delightful pungent mix of a tart, fruity aromatic beer. 7.4% £6.00/£3.00/£2.00.
6. Thornbridge Tekdrop. Liquorice Imperial Stout brewed in collaboration with Van Moll, Eindhoven. 9%. £6.00/£3.00/£2.00.
7. Camden Unfiltered Hells Lager. The crisp, dry body of a German-style Pilsner with the gentle hopping of a Helles. Not filtering the beer results in more depth of flavour and a slight haze to the beer. 4.6%. £4.00/£2.00/£1.35
8. Camden Gentleman's Wit. A Belgian brew with an English accent. Classic white beer spiked with lemon and fragrant with bergamot, Gentleman’s Wit has a smooth, full body and a spicy finish. 4.3%. £4.00/£2.00/£1.35.

Main Bar - Bottles

1. Hardknott Squiddy. What happens when you take a delicious pale ale and add squid ink? You get this delicious beer that is dark yet drinks like a pale ale...not a bit fishy! 3.8%. £3.50
2. Pig and Porter Gothic. Imperial stout featuring ten different malts and a blend of English, German and American hops which combine to produce a complex rich dark sensation with a hint of sour fruits.
7.4%. £4.50
3. The Wild Beer Co Madness IPA. West Coast style IPA with a big hit of American hops. 6.8%. £4.50.
4. The Wild Beer Co Goose Chase. Wild Beer's new 'Everyday wild beer, a dry hopped farmhouse pale with gooseberrys and their culture of wild yeast. 4.5%. £3.95 (can).
5. Weird Beard Double Peale. Weird Beard's 100th brew, Double Perle. An 8.6% version of their Milk Coffee Stout, absolutely immense. 8.6%. £5.95.

6. The Wild Beer Co Epic Saison. Not many breweries can beat Wild when it comes to Saisons; the Belgian classic with a distinctive farmhouse funk. 5%. £4.20
7. Brewdog Libertine Black Ale. Libertine delivers a dark hop bomb combining the west coast hop awesomeness of an IPA, the dark and indulgent malt flavours of big stout. 7.2%. £4.25.

8. Mad Hatter Sorachi Face Hugger. Take a Belgian saison yeast add everyone's favourite Japanese hop, Sorachi Ace, and you get this spicy, lemony, refreshing delight. 6.3%. £4.50.
9. Mad Hatter Down The Rabbit Hole. Extreme red ale with columbus, centennial, cascade, amarillo mosaic and simcoe hops. Fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast. 8.1%. £4.95.
10. Chorlton Citra Sour. A sour pale ale, intensely hopped with Citra for a fragrant, clean and sharply acidic flavour. 5.7%. £4.25.
11. Summer Wine KloosterWitbier. A Huddersfield take on a classic Belgian Witbier. Coriander and orange peel offer the classic flavours you would expect from the style. 5.4%. £3.95.
12. Summer Wine Surfing Monk. Belgian triple meets New Zealand IPA in this beery mash-up.
6.5%. £3.95
13. Bad Seed Saison. Bad Seed use honey, ginger and seeds of paradise to give a modern and zesty twist to this classic Belgian ale. 6%. £4.25.
14. Bad Seed Hefeweizen. This refreshing Bavarian style wheat beer is a real Bad Seed. It was one of the first beers to break the Reinheitsgebot, the strict German purity laws. 5.1%. £3.95.
15. Thornbridge Bear State. Bear State is a classic IPA brewed in the spirit of the West Coast of the USA. This is a massively hoppy beer, balanced perfectly with a touch of malt sweetness and an intensely citrus hop character to finish. 7%. £5.95.
16. Marble Little Meiko. An IPA using the Japanese hop Sorachi Ace IPA and yuzu fruit to added the batch. The yuzu is an east asian citrus fruit with a similar flavour profile to grapefruit or sour mandarin. 7%. £4.95.