I used your villages to look for pubs, and it was easy from that to select ones that needed reviews or photos. Your villages look great the way they are listed.

Someone will probably beat me to the pubs now though as it will be for me to fill time in in the 2-3 days I have at home between jaunts. Thats no problem though as I can always check before doing a postcode to see how things are and change if necessary. I want to try to find new ones.

Off to IOM on Thursday, get back 22nd, then will go to Sheffield for Harlequin fest Friday. Devises for a couple of nights 29th on our way for 3 weeks in Cornwall. Unsure for Bank Holiday. May go over Newark way. Have 2 or 3 options open. 4th June caravan to Canterbury for a couple of nights en route to 3 weeks in Belgium.

Wonderful life..........