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    Looking at a 1:2500 Ordnance Survey map from 1890 on the website, there is no sign of the current Village Inn building (just a much smaller unlabelled structure). However, there is a label for the Greyhound Inn beside what appears to be the narrow building with the Threlfall's signage.

    The smaller building appears to have been extended in 1908 join what may have been the old Greyhound Inn (where the Threlfall's signage now is) and there is just a single 'Inn' label in front of the adjoining buildings.

    By 1928, a rather larger building that appears to be the current Village Inn is now shown, detached from the old Greyhound Inn building. Again, there is just a single 'Inn' label, and this is clearly in front of the new structure and beside the other.

    No change in the 1937 version, except that the label now reads 'P.H.' and it is placed directly on the Village Inn building.

    Ditto in 1955.

    So, difficult to be sure, but you could conclude that the old Greyhound Inn morphed into the new Village Inn in a two-stage process.

    I then found this wonderful 1950s curiosity on YouTube which clearly shows at about 12:40 that what is now the Village Inn was then called Ye Greyhound Hotel. One of the comments goes on to say that "the Trelfalls sign was on the side wall of Birtwells sweetshop (later Schofields)."

    I then found this old postcard picture (supposedly dating from the 1920s: which also confirms that the present Village Inn was called the Greyhound Hotel at that time, as also shows the Threlfalls sign on the side of the narrow building (although I can't make out the other signage on the front).

    Going back to the Thai restaurant aspect, there are several reviews and forum posts on other sites which suggest that the ground floor was still a pub in 2008/09 with the restaurant being upstairs.
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