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From time to time, we feel compelled to categorise things. It never really works but, in the attempt, we usually learn something.

This time, we found ourselves wondering about the many different types of brewing business to be found in the UK today and how they relate to one*other.*(We did something similar before, but that was more abstract.)
(CLICK TO ENLARGE — OPENS IN NEW TAB/WINDOW) We’ve tried to provide an example for each type, though we struggled to think of an active cuckoo/gypsy brewery, and a*very approximate sense of what arrived when.
If the family groupings we’ve come up with work, then you should be able to think of a brewery and find a home for them.
Much more likely, however, is that the first comment below will name a brewery which breaks our classification system.
Flawed or not, we’d be interested to see similar attempts from those who know the beer scenes in Germany, Belgium, the US, or anywhere else — does this look pretty familiar, or wildly different?
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