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I have no idea how I lasted so long without making Welsh Rarebit - itís delicious! Struck with no inspiration for lunch but having a kitchen filled with all the important ingredients, last weekend became the perfect opportunity to try it out. Plus - you know me - I like to play around with beer and food and this is one of the more famous recipes to use beer as an ingredient.

Itís easy to make. Butter and flour plus milk to make a basic, but thick, white sauce. Add mustard, Worcestershire sauce, strong cheese and a splash of beer (I used Guinness as I had a bottle in the cupboard), stir until smooth with a texture thatís spoonable but not too runny. Then toast one side of bread, flip it over, put the cheese topping on and grill until bubbling but not burnt.

Itís like the most luxurious cheese on toast youíve ever had. And it goes great with beer too. I suggest a malty brown ale to go in the sauce, although Guinness was also good. To pair with Welsh Rarebit Iíd like a hoppy brown ale to match the cheese, the toast and the punch of heat from the mustard.