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Thread: Liverpool City Centre tidy up

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    Default Liverpool City Centre tidy up

    A few closures and name changes for you;

    Abbey Road, Matthew St - no trace of this one in Matthew st,

    City Vaults, Cook St - sign over door saying “Members Only” , it does look very nice in a gentlemen's club sort of way

    Cunarder, St Johns Centre - according to a security man at the shopping centre this became the Fall Well (lloyds No1) - no wonder I couldn't find it!

    Lomax, Cumberland St - this is now a tacky night club/bar called Foxys, there are two others in the same street - Masquerade which is listed and Angels which is not, Foxys and Angels don’t keep pub hours but Masquerade seems to, albeit with a bouncer on the door at 5:30pm.

    There are six possible additions, I will try to find the details and put them on.
    Old Skool 90s bar
    Cafe Sports England
    The Noble House
    The Bar, Grill & Restaurant
    The Olive Press
    62 Castle St

    There are also some new bars in the Liverpool One complex but they'll probably take some time to sort out
    Drink drink, whoever you may be,
    we are the drunk and disorderly,
    and we’ll drink more beer wherever we may be,
    and we’ll meet you all in a pub said he.

    Dr Busker

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    Hi ob,

    We have deleted the Abbey Road Public House, The City Vaults, The Cunarder and Lomax.

    Thanks for all those, looking at it Liverpool does need a bit of loving.

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