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Lazy, busy, bored or just not positively arsed? Who knows. My mind is a funny place. I prefer not to open too many cupboards.

New format this time. Not sure why. As I mentioned, there are parts of my head I don't feel comfortable in. Unlike pubs others call dangerous. (We'll come to that in part two.) New format - pub details then snaps.

Ryries Bar
1 Haymarket Terrace,
Edinburgh EH12 5EY.

The Haymarket Bar
11-14a West Maitland Street,
Edinburgh EH12 5DS.

The Mercat Bar and Kitchen
28 W Maitland St.,
Midlothian EH12 5DX.

No pictures of this one. The reason is available on application. One for the kids instead.

Oak Inn
108 Saint John's Road,
Edinburgh EH12 8AX.

3-5 Rose Street,
Midlothian EH2 2PR.

I'll tell you something of beer I drank. There was lots of it. In lots of different colours. Of varying degrees of quality and interest. But I'll not bore you with the details of every stab wound in a day-long knife fight.

OK. I give in. I'll tell you of one stream flowing into the weekend's river of beer. The one in the glass close-up above. That's a Cameron's 150.