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After the amazing success of cask ale week and in particular the tireless endeavours of beer bloggers who managed to save cask ale from extinction for another year its time to focus on National Cheap Supermarket Lout Week. This is where people the nation over celebrate their free right to buy cheap grog from supermarkets and tell the likes of Clarkey’s dodgepot beer club to stick minimum pricing up its chuff.

If you’ve used the Easter Weekend properly, like a true cooking lager enthusiast, you will have stocked up on cheap lager and have enough to last until Christmas. There’ll be no need to step into dumpy pubs and buy overpriced beer. There’ll be no need to do that until cask ale week next year, when the band of beer bloggers will again drink a pint or two of the pong and save it from extinction.

If you’ve still to stock up with enough cheap alcohol to fill a reservoir, check out my supermarket dot com and it might not be too late to grab a bargain. All there is to be done is to buy some cheap grog, cheaper than you expect, grab a bargain and neck it. Respected beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones is first on the roll call of honour for buying some cheap lager from ASDA. Well done Sir!

Bag some cheap grog & blog !