Hi there,

Not sure if this is the right place for this but i have a couple of pending approvals and I am a bit confused.

I suggested the new Spoons in Bloxwich back in September last year. It opened last week (I plan to visit next week) so I assumed the pub would be approved now it is open. I have just checked and it has been added by Hondo. According to the update page he suggested it on the 28th of Jan and it was approved the same day.

Will my pending approval stay there for ever ?

The same thing has happened with the Pump House in Shirley. I suggested it last September. It was suggested by John Mcgraw in November and approved in January !

If the 2 pubs had been submitted before I tried to add them I would understand mine not being approved but surely the first time a pub is suggested, that is the one that should be added ?

I know i don't add much to the site regarding reviews but i do try to add pubs in my area...

I would like to know why my suggestions were not approved ?