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Thread: The Woolpack, Haverhill Suffork

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    Default The Woolpack, Haverhill Suffork

    I've just been looking at the latest photos to be approved on the front page of the main site, and I'm a little confused. There appears to be a photo of the pub sign for The Woolpack at Slad in Gloucestershire added to this pub. Check out The Woolpack at Slad, and you'll see what I mean.

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    Interesting one. It appears that the Woolpack in Haverhill got a new sign and the design on it was exactly the same as the one in Slad.

    You can see it in place on Google Street View

    Very well spotted!
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    Yes, intriguing. The Woolpack at Slad is the one near to Stroud so I reckon it's "their" sign. Note the stone mile marker that appears on both pubs' signs.

    The Ship in Wandsworth had a rather nice sign that turned up later at The Ship in Rotherhithe. But they are both Young's pubs, so I guess they wanted to cut down on pub sign design (that trips off the tongue!) costs.

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