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Five Towns is a brewery, not based as many think in the Potteries, but rather in the Wakefield suburb of Outwood, taking its name from the five towns surrounding the city, (I will let you name them !!).

It started brewing in Sept 2008 on a 2.5 barrel plant at the brewer's home, and he fits brewing around his full time work commitments.

Although not easy to find, the beers are often seen at local festivals and on occasions at the Star at Huddersfield.

There is a core range, with plenty of one off specials to keep the drinker happy and most seem to be light, hoppy beers. 'Outside Edge' is a 3.9% session beer, easy drinking, but full of hop flavours; slightly stronger at darker is the 4.2% 'Outwood Bound' which is more typically a Best bitter style with a caramel flavour that does not mask the hop finish; the flagship beer must be 'Niamh's Nemesis' at 5.7% a stronger offering that does not drink its strength, and is light and hoppy. It was initially brewed as a one off special but became so popular that it now brewed as a semi regular.

As I said earlier, not the easiest beers to find, but well worth hunting out, and another triumph for a small local brewer.