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Mitchells and Butlers, the Midlands based, er, um, well, Pub Company, sort of, has been outlining a new strategy. It seems they don't run pubs any more, but " licensed catering outlets". One journalist was even bollocked for calling these um, er, thingies, pubs.

Of course if you look at the "brands" they intend to concentrate on, they are right. Harvester, Toby Carvery, Crown Carveries, Vintage Inns, Sizzling Pub Company and Premium Country Dining are the future of M&B it seems. Wet led pubs will be sold to pay for more of these. They'll clearly have to change the name of the "Sizzling Pub Company" to " The Sizzling Licensed Catering Outlet Company" of course, but once that's sorted, it's job done.

Don't know why they bothered making a point of it. Nobody in their right minds would call that lot pubs anyway.