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It is just possible that there are people out there that have noticed a lack of activity from me. I even have this concept in my head that a subset of this group of people might even have missed me, but I'm not willing to put that hypothesis to any sort of rigourous test just in case the conclusion is disappointing. However, if you are reading this pointless post with a sense of relief that I'm not actually dead, or perhaps just lost interest, then rest assured that more will appear soon.

I'm currently sat on a train using my tethered BlackBerry as a modem for my MacBook whilst on-route to London. You see at home I have yet to get a broadband connection after moving out of the pub, and in the brewery's new location I'm just too busy getting my act together. This is the first time in over a week I've had the combined time, inclination and connectivity to write anything.

My reason for travelling to London? Partly for a break; It's nice to be able to go away without worrying about the pub - that is now somebody else's problem. But of course beer is involved. Tonight I am promised a great lager experience at the White Horse. I know I need to stop treating lager with suspicion and if Pete Brown is right the Budvar I will taste might well create a defining moment. It should create a blog post at the very least.