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Thread: Whats you Favourite Wetherspoons

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    I’ve had to take my time over answeribng this thread. As much as I frequent Wetherspoons I would struggle to find one that ticks every box but several stand out for varying reasons…

    Unusual or interesting buildings…
    The Opera House (Tunbridge Wells) – as it says, a fully restored Opera House where they even still perform the occasional opera here. A ‘Spoons with a touch of class! Suerely not!
    Lattice House (Kings Lynn) – rambling medieval split level town centre pub with vaulted ceilings and lots of little nooks and crannies.
    Waterend Barn (St Albans) – 2 large barns rebuilt on site in the 1930’s. Quite eye popping when you walk in.
    The Standing Order (Derby) – probably the most spectacular of the converted Bank / Building Socierty ‘Spoons I have seen although the Cross Keys (Gracechurch St, London) is probably close.

    The beers are the prime reason for walking thorugh the door but one stands out head and shoulders above everything else, as already mentioned - the Babington Arms (Derby). So many hand pumps that no-one seems to have successfully counted them as every review I've read comes up with a different number. If there are a dozen guest ales you’ve picked a bad day.

    The Globe Hotel (Kings Lynn) – Not a great pub, in fact it’s pretty awful at times but the well maintained garden leads down to the river and is so big you almost need to catch a bus to get back to the pub. In fact, it would be quicker to hop over the wall and get your beers from the excellent pub next door.

    A few others with an honourable mention for whatever reasons I found at the time include the Imperial (Exeter), the Kings Head (Monmouth), Picture Palace (Enfield), Sedge Lynn (Chorton Cum Hardy) and the Red Lion (Doncaster).

    If I have to pick one to top them all it would be the Paper Moon (Dartford). Why? Because it’s the one I seem to spend the most time in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    Irony, Irony they've all missed my irony!
    Off thread, but my irony joke goes...

    American guy in London sheltering under a shop awning while it pours with rain. English chap, also sheltering, says 'Nice weather we're having'.
    The Yank looks at him like he's mad, & eventually goes on his way. Later that afternoon he thinks, 'wait a minute, maybe that English guy knew the weather was bad, maybe he said it was nice on purpose, maybe he was using what the Limeys call i-ron-ee'.

    Later that year the Yank is back in the States having a BBQ. He burns his burgers to a cinder and, whilst he a little pissed-off (or just pissed, as they say over there), he decides it would be an opportune moment to try out his new grasp of i-ron-ee. He calls his pal Chuck over to the grill where the burgers lie in ruins and says, 'Hey Chuck, great weather we're having!'

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    No racism like that on this forum.

    Unless it makes me laugh that is

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    My irony wasted once again,

    I wont even mention the apostrophe catastrophe in the title of this thread least my OCD show itself again.

    Irony, Irony they've all missed my irony!
    Sorry ob, I thought you'd missed my irony. Should've known better!

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    The Standing Order (Derby) – probably the most spectacular of the converted Bank / Building Socierty ‘Spoons

    My very first ever JDW in 1995! I was there on it's opening day althrough somewhat spoiled by mass brawl at the end of night..

    Anyway here..

    J.D Wetherspoon = Home of Hoppy: The Silk Kite, Tamworth..

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