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I had a pint of Hop Back Citra Here last month at the handsome price of £2.75 , Its Hop Backs original pub where they began brewing and all Hopback beers are under three quid,if you ever find your self in Salisbury its well worth the little trek up the hill from the main town, all the beers were in excellent condition.
That's incredible and doesn't it show what a rip-off gravy train most Southern England pubs are! I saw some of the other prices you were charged.

Once it opened it was always the best pub in Salisbury and I've been there a few times. If SW Trains got their act together and offered fares comparible with other lines (Virgin, Chiltern, Southern to name a few) I would return to Salisbury, visit the Spoons and then spend a long extended time in the Wyndham.